I’m 49!


Today is my 49th birthday! It seems so strange to say 49. I’m almost 50. Although I woke up this morning to water in my basement and my husband cranky, needing me to help him move stuff, get the shop vac emptied, get him coffee, call the plumber, the rest of my house is peaceful and it feels like a good day.

The kitchen is peaceful…but it may be crazy in the basement

So last year around the end of December I was out for a run and I was brainstorming as I often do when I run alone. Thinking about how close I was to turning 50 and how it’s such a milestone for people.  I knew I didn’t want it to just pass by like just another birthday.  So I started thinking about what I could do to make it not only memorable and fun for myself but how could I possibly find others to inspire and In turn have them share and inspire me.  It was at that point The Almost 50 Project was born.

My commitment to myself is to not just document this year of my life as I approach 50 but to gather up as many others as I can to share this year with.  Sharing each other’s life experiences, thought, dreams, and stories about either turning 50 or approaching 50 and to bring each other along.

Please share this year with me by following along and reaching out to me with anything from your own experiences, to topics you want to cover, to fun ideas you have or to just say Hi.



2 thoughts

  1. The is the most amazing endeavor I have had the pleasure to share with you. Embracing this milestone year for yourself is such a positive way to celebrate your life. I know you have never been better. I hold your hand and walk proud and free next to you. Let’s rise above and laugh together. — alice


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