Eye Bags

After being on vacation last week, returning to work this week was tough. Of course I have a zillion emails and a to-do list a mile long. Actually, I should be working the emails instead of a blog post but hey, it’s 5:30 am and I’m not running this morning.  I’m skipping my run because I have not slept well in three days and I’m completely over it! No sleep makes for a crappy run but more importantly it makes the bags under my eyes out of control!  They are HUGE.

What is it with sleep and why is it so elusive? That’s a whole blog post in itself but for me today it’s the eye bags. What is it with these eye bags? How the hell did I even get them to begin with and how the hell are they getting bigger every damn day? No sleep and eye bags in my brain go hand in hand and sometimes I find it hard decide what is actually more important to me, sleeping great or getting rid of these bags. In mulling it over the last couple days, I’m going with the eye bags…I can just throw back like 4 coffees and deal with the tired, but the eye bags…they got to go. I’m thinking like this because even if I start sleeping like a champ these bags will not magically disappear. These things are unfortunately here to stay.

Nothing I try on them works either. The drug store creams are a joke, ice, cucumbers, tea bag, milk, and I have used it all. I even got sucked into some super tiny $100 jar of something that smells like dead fish from Sephora that did nothing. I personally think that Preparation H, the hemorrhoid cream is the cheapest and probably works as good as the $100 fishy stuff but it’s still not good enough to make me happy. I need them gone and up until a month or so ago I thought it was surgery or nothing. That I found out is not true! I recently met someone whom does this thing call PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma and I WANT IT. It’s basically where they draw your blood, spin it down and take the plasma off and inject it into your bag to plump it up. I know it sounds extreme but it lasts for about 18 months and I am totally down with it.

My plan is to get it for Christmas, as my “To: Me, From: Me” and once I do I’ll post before and after pictures. Until then, I’m going to slam back the coffee, dab on the butt cream, throw my hair in a tight ponytail and wear sunglasses as much as possible.


Here is a general link about PRP if anyone who wants more information: http://www.prptreatments.org/facial-rejuvenation/eye-bags/

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