Can I pull this off?


I can’t tell you how many times I have asked myself, husband or daughter this question.  Hundreds…who am I kidding, probably thousands!

I love clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry.  Let’s face it, I love shopping and although I’m almost 50 my favorite stores to shop in cater to teens and young adult buyers. I love Urban Outfitters, American Eagle and Forever 21 but the older I get the more I feel like I have NO business shopping in them. Even though I secretly feel this way do I stop going in? Oh no, I go in alright and buy stuff often without even trying the item on.


My job allows me to work from home.  This is what I look like on a typical day.  Jeans, yoga pants and a t-shirt.  Something like this…(excuse the messy hair)

It was a little chilly this morning and so with fall being right around the corner I decided to start moving out some of my summer stuff.  In doing so I quickly found quite a few items that made me laugh so hard I had to write this post. So given my typical jeans and t shirt attire from above I have to ask myself, what possessed me to buy this (not only) wide striped but sequined tank top?


Or this peasant top?  I mean it’s cute and all and I do think it’s “age appropriate” but for starters it’s pink, which looks horrible on me and it feels way too fluffy for my liking!

My husband thought this shirt was awesome.

How about this pleather top?  I actually remember being in the store looking at this top and texting my BFF Sue telling her I was obsessed with it.  If I remember right I even sent her a pic showing it to her asking if she thought I could pull off pleather.  She said, “Of course!”, which was good enough for me, and I bought it.


Mind you, I purchased these pieces and have yet to wear them once because I clearly must know they don’t work for me.  What I did find hilarious is Mike (my husband) told me he thought I looked hot in the sequined and peasant top.  I think next week I’m going to ask him to pick out the three worst things he thinks I have in my closet and see what I get….stay tuned for that.

Here is how I’ll explain my buying these items; You know when you KNOW you have no food in your fridge but you are starving so you keep going back and opening it every 15 minutes or so hoping some delicious cake or something will magically appear inside? I realized this morning that these pieces sitting in my closet are like that empty fridge for me. My brain seems to think that A) if I buy them and B) if I keep them in my closet, I will suddenly be able to pull them off!

Here I is the last one and the one I laughed my ass off about as I was taking the pic…

Oh boy.

Where am I wearing these shoes?  These shoes remind me shoes that Gene Simmons from KISS wore.

Dressing “age appropriate” as I get older is becoming increasingly harder for me.  I read an article recently dubbed “Fashion Over 50” that said, “cultivate a personal style,” and while I agree with that, I just feel like it’s hard for me to transition away from all the young cool hip looks I love.  I mean hey, I feel young and I certainly think I’m hip.

What I do see are a few common themes here for all these crazy purchases in my closet;

  1. I need to stop walking into stores and buying items I know I won’t wear but talk myself into because of it’s style.
  2. I need to stop buying things just because they are on sale!
  3. Don’t buy something I have to ask myself or anyone else for that matter, “Can I pull this off?”





9 thoughts

  1. Omg!!! You are hilarious! Thank you for sharing your funny pics! I actually really like that peasant top on you:) I think that you are still young and cool enough to wear anything your heart desires. Oh and as far as the fridge goes, that’s totally me!!! Thanks for sharing<3

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I understand! Because sequins and leather are fun!!! We like pretty and edgy things even though we are …gasp … Mature.

    I still wear ripped jeans… I have a professional wardrobe but I long for the days that anything goes…


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