Getting on a horse

Last Saturday Jess and I made our way to Kimball Farm in Westford, Mass. It’s is a pretty cool place with bumper boats, a nice mini golf course, farm animals, and ice cream.  Although it’s a great place to take kids and kill a few hours having fun, Jess and I had a clear purpose and goal for the trip;  to get Ellie Grace on a horse.

Ellie Grace loves horses, in fact I swear when she tells you one of her many stories about when she will ride a horse someday, you can see her lip curl up to one side and an slight little sparkle appear in her eye, (okay, that may be taking it too far) but you can tell it’s something she dreams about doing.  Yet, there is one thing that is stopping Ellie Grace from her dream of riding a horse…and that’s Ellie Grace.

Being afraid just plain sucks and it limits you in your life. Imagine never knowing how much fun something is, or what a certain experience feels like, or knowing what you are truly capable of accomplishing because you let fear stop you.  Maybe I’m wrong but I think if you asked the people in my life who are closest to me, if they think I’m a fearful person they would say no, but really I am.

When I first came up with the idea to do the blog I was pretty excited about it, but only for a few weeks because those two little bitches “Fear & Doubt” got in my head and I started thinking:

  • What if I start and want to stop?
  • How will I constantly come up with stuff to write about?
  • What if no one gives a shit or ever reads my posts?
  • Although, I’m in college and almost have a degree, I failed senior high school English and suck at writing!  What makes me think I can even write anything?…I don’t really even read…unless you count maybe 2 books a year and internet blogs.
  • What if it’s hard?

What I know for sure is if you never put yourself out there, if you don’t try new things, if you never fail, you will never know.  So here I am writing my blog and here is Ellie Grace on her horse.

Also, a little shout out to Kristi for endlessly brainstorming with me me and kicking me in the ass a couple times, Heidi for posting such a cool pic on her FB page on just the right day that said “Take every chance. Drop every fear” and Samantha from CA, who I work with at MegaFood….her FB lives are the BEST and she was a huge inspiration to me (without ever knowing it) when she recently started her own makeup business, Be the Light Beauty Company.


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