Cool Clicks

I love the internet, in fact, don’t know how I made it through my teen years without it.  During a recent episode of insomnia, (which deserves a post all it’s own) I ended up getting online, and found myself reading some random article that I thought was both useful and yet completely useless all at the same time.

It actually got me thinking, that I should do a post each week about three things I think are either awesome or completely ridiculous, but still deserved a click.

#1.  Boomerang  

Boomerang is an video app and it’s FREE!   It is available for iOS in Apple’s App Store and for Android in Google Play.  What Boomerang does is lets you take a 4 second pic/video and the photo ends with these cool little movements, like the one below.  After I downloaded the app I could not stop taking pics!  I think the app is awesome and addicting!

LOL….I must have literally made like 20 of these things.

#2  9 Innocent Hand Gestures That’ll Get You Punched In The Face In Other Countries

Who would have thought that something as cool as gesturing “Rock On” or “Thumbs Up” would be so offensive!

DON’T DO THIS IN:  Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil or Columbia.



#3.  No words really….I just clicked on it and couldn’t stop watching it!

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