Being Mom…

This weekend, and most weekends for that matter I’m doing something or other with my daughter.  Jessica is my only child and thankfully she lives 12 houses away from me.  I love that we live in the same neighborhood, because it almost feels like she still lives with me, but yet she doesn’t.  The other day she came over quickly to show me a new Stitch Fix. After she left, I thought to myself that it almost felt like she just ran upstairs and went in her room like she did as a kid. Even though I knew she wasn’t upstairs, having her so close feels like she is and that makes me happy.

Matching trucker hats, LOL.


What else is cool is that Jessica and I like a lot of the same things.  Are most kids like that or is it weirdly uncommon?  Recently, she even took up running and is doing amazing at being motivated, staying consistent, pushing and challenging herself. As her Mom and a runner, I love that she has embraced running, because it’s so good for her overall well being, sets a great example for her own daughters, and of course it’s yet another thing we can do together.

Yesterday she completed the Title 9 sprint triathlon in Hopkinton, MA.  It was so inspiring to watch her and see the look of sheer pride and joy on her face as she finished each leg of the race.  It also got me thinking about having Ellie Grace with us and her watching and herself being inspired.  At one point today she even looked up at me with her wide eyes and sweet little smile telling me, “I’m going to do a race too, Monkey”  I have no doubt that I’ll be watching her race or better yet racing with her someday.

Title 9 Sprint Triathlon.

Being a mother has undoubtedly been the best part of my life.  Having the opportunity to spend so much time with my daughter is something I will always cherish and will never take for granted.  Although, I know she is grown up and lives on her own 12 houses away, I hope we are so close that I always feel as though she is just upstairs in her room.



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