Stuff I’m stalking…

Although, Coxy (aka: my husband Mike) constantly complains that I have a shopping problem, little does he realize that I don’t end up buying even a quarter of the items that I’m currently stalking or have stalked in the past. Now, when I say stalking, I literally mean stalking. For kicks I just looked up the definition on Wikipedia to be sure and yes, I’m a stalker. Stalking is defined a obsessive attention by an individual or grouunknownp towards another person item.

How did it start?  This yellow chiffon “Whitney Dress” from J. Crew, and just seeing this picture I found on line makes me pissed beyond belief that I didn’t buy it.

I wanted the dress for a dinner that I would be attending during a tropical work trip I won in 2009. The dress cost $325.00, and contrary to what Mike thinks I don’t just say, “what the hell”, add it to my cart and whip out my credit card.  Wait, I do actually add it to my cart like 100 times… I just don’t always whip out my credit card and make the purchase.

Over the years there have been many items I have stalked.  I obsessed over these Lulu FROST code rings for a good 17 months before I bought them. Today, and every day, I wear two of the #1 rings because 11 is my lucky number and I don’t feel right unless I have them on.  The grey Mother jeans were stalked about 6 months, and one of my all time favorites;  this Cobalt Blue Leather “Genius” chair that Coxy and I actually stalked together for good 8 to 10 months.


So what’s on the list of latest obsessions?  Indeed there are a few items, but it’s not much right now. Also, who knows if I’ll even end up buying any of these items or if I’ll just end up stalking them for the next year or so.

  1. Nikkon D3300 as I secretly admit to want to take up photography.
  2. Apple 2 watch for running.
  3. American Giant Moto Full Zip.  I have been obsessing over the American Giant brand for 2 years!  It’s almost time to whip out my credit card.



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