Cool clicks

Here are the 3 links that I found interesting enough to not only click on, but actually to read through this week!

This article from this week while doing homework, (I’m finishing my business degree) called, “14 Things Every Successful Person Has In Common”  Admittedly, I have re-read this list at least a dozen times this week trying to decide if I do in fact encompass all of the traits listed, and I’m so close, there are a couple that tripped me up, but not many.  Does this mean Forbes would consider me a successful person?

Given that I wash my hair like twice a week I had to click on this link from  If there is anyway I can figure out how to make my hair look semi-decent I’ll do it. 

The article mentions dry shampoo and in my opinion Amika is the BEST there is!unknown-1 It smells nice, does not weigh your hair down, and is not leave it itch.

This is a link to these cute little zoo animals dressed like humans.  I thought they were adorable and clicking through them made me laugh on a a pretty stressful day this week. This little guy was my favorite!

I love his chain and orange shades.

If you find a cool click please share!



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