Running the Ragnar…what a weekend!

If you are a runner who does races, you have probably heard the word Ragnar before; and if you are a runner who lives in New Hampshire, I guarantee you know what the letters RTB stand for.

Reach The Beach!!!

My friend Sue has been running RTB for as long as I can remember. She would tell me every year how fun it was and that I should do it too, but I always said no, out of fear for the most part because I was scared that I was not a strong enough runner.   Literally, I held out for years until 2014 when I finally felt I was ready and could pull it off.  Three years-later here I am writing this post.

How a Ragnar works is you are part of a team of 12, (in our case 11) other people, and you ride in a van or SUV.  Hey I even saw one team in a car, which I have to think would be way to small, overly smelly, and completely suck! Half the team in one van and half in the other, simply put…Van 1 and Van 2.

RTB is one of the Ragnar series races that is a 200 mile relay race held in New Hampshire. It starts in Bretton Woods and ends on Hampton Beach.  Van 1 starts the race by running the first 6 legs, has a break of about 5 hours or so while Van 2 runs the next 6 legs and you swap off until everyone has 3 legs complete.  The whole thing takes a total of about 33 hours, and I can tell you this…it’s 33 hours  of a combination of the best time you have ever had in your life and complete hell!

For starters the team I’m on is called The Fuster Clucks, and yes, at most times it’s a cluster fuck.  See, for starters, The Fuster Clucks not only like to run, they LOVE to party!

Fuster Cluck Team Logo & Motto.

Consequently, each year there is usually someone so hung over they can hardly stand let alone run, (me); someone who pukes, (me); someone who is injured and can’t finish their miles, (me); someone who forgets they are in a race and has no number pinned to their shirt when it’s time to run, (me); someone who breaks down bawling their eyes out because their leg hurts so bad they can’t take another step, yep you guessed it (me).  But through all hangovers, puking, injuries and breakdowns there is almost constant laughter; and the complete comradery of the team and craziness of the run is enough to keep you coming back year after year.


To sum it all up, thank God this girl continues to get me to step out of my comfort zone and join runs that are challenging and fun but also for being there with me through the beer drinking, puking, laughing, bitching, and crying.  Also, to these Van 1 guys who have made the last 3 years so incredibly fun14333219_1247598708604744_2507421800260072950_n

Here are a few more pics from the weekend and our finish photo.

The Fuster Clucks RTB 2016!


Until next year…


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