I love food…

I swear that every time I jump on Facebook all I see are Tasty videos! What makes me crazy about that is, I’m always starving.  Sure, I could scroll by them but my brain knows they are only 30 seconds long and like a train wreck, I just can’t look away.

Until the time I turned about 35 or so, I ate anything I wanted, and I mean anything.  Candy bars, chips, frozen pizzas or ice creams for mid-day snacks, Ben & Jerry’s a few times a week at night after dinner, and enough Mc Donald’s and Burger King to last a lifetime. I have no recollection of ever watching what I ate, or even exercising for that matter, and what make matters worse is:  I have no self control.

Windex is the only thing that often saves me from an entire pint of ice cream, the 3rd cupcake or the 100th french fry.  My lack of self control is so bad that I would literally pick a cupcake or something I wanted right out of the trash if it was close enough to the top, and not touching anything really gross.  How bad is that?!!   It sounds crazy to me just reading it back to myself, but in fact it is reality.

This morning it was homemade granola, yesterday I must have eaten 3 cups of the stuff, and while you would think granola is good for you it’s full of calories that I don’t really need right now.  This morning I got out the Windex, spray it all over the granola and just like that…the Granola is gone.

The older I get the harder it is to control my appetite and to keep my weight normal.  It’s a daily struggle, I know I’m not alone because my friends Kristi and Chrissy often message with me not only about what crazy random shit they just ate that day but the ridiculousness of how much they ate.  One of my favorites is a text I got last year simply saying…WTF, I’m making F#%*@ Frosting AGAIN!!!  Makes me laugh every time I think about it.  I also can’t count the number of times Kristi and I have typed these three words…the party’s over.

Knowing I’m not the only woman I know struggling with this, I hopped on Google to see if there was any evidence I could find on line about appetites and if they change as we age.  I found a few but the one that seemed the most “legit” was from Prevention and another from Livestrong.com made the most sense really explaining what happens after age 45 and how age effects the appetite.

As for me changing I just don’t see it. So my plan is simple;  keep watching Tasty videos, eat what I want to eat, and always keeping a full bottle of Windex on hand.


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  1. I feel your pain and I’m not even 45 yet. I’m screwed! I find all this running increases my appetite. Unfortunately the appetite outreaches the calories burned. I gained 4 pounds doing RTB. WTF?

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