Last Tuesday I made my way to Hampshire Hills for Gentle Yoga.  I love this class but have not been in months, due to one stupid excuse or another. But I’ll admit, the minute I unrolled my mat and got into corpse pose I knew I better stop the crap excuses because my mind and body need this class.  And although the class only lasts an hour, it is filled with nothing but relaxing poses that simply allow you to “just be”.

corpse pose

What a Gentle Yoga class consists of is deep stretching along with guided relaxation.  The poses not only warm up your muscles but the personal awareness of each breath you take is something I personally think everyone could benefit from.  The other thing that I love about the class in the instructor Jeanie always says, “breathe in peace, breathe out love”.  There is something about that I love, oh and she burns incense at the end of class which is the frosting on the cupcake for me!  Here are a few of my favorite poses from the Gentle class:

Child’s Pose
Baby Cobra
Warrior pose! I love the way this pose makes me feel…like a total bad ass!
Half side plan
Eagle pose

Here are a couple links I want to share:

  1. How to find a class near you:
  2. This site allows you to have set up an account and take a class right at home, they even have an app!
  3. Here is a link to a chair yoga sequence that if you can do in your office or anywhere you can find a chair! (okay some of these you many not want to do at work, but hey try the ones in the chair if you feel you stressed out and need to relax)

So, in the same way that I have made the commitment to myself to write this blog for the next year until my birthday, I have also made the decision to attend two Gentle yoga classes a week until I turn 50.
Talk the talk…walk the walk.

peace & love,


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