Cool clicks

Here are this weeks 3 links that I not only found interesting enough to not only click on, but actually to read through!

  1. Okay, so this is a video from Real Simple…oh how I WISH I could be like the first woman in the video and embrace my grey hair but I just can’t.
  2. For me right now, it’s all about the closet and I found this article extremely helpful for ideas on streamlining. On another note, I’m still trying to change mine (and Coxy’s, God help me!) closet over from Summer to Fall/Winter.  Oh and I should mention we both have additional closets full of clothes in our two spare bedrooms that I’m sure we have not worn in years.  This craziness has to stop!
Coxy’s side of the close

My back-up closet

  1. Lastly, this video, and I’ll admit it scared the shit out of me because I’m scared to death of heights!!!

Please send me any cool clicks you find!


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