Road trip to Jersey…


This past weekend I spent 10+ hours in a car with 3 year old Ellie Grace and 5 month old Ruby Dot and I have to say, aside from:

  • Someone asking 1 zillion times why?
  • Someone refusing to pee in her pull-up with no rest area for miles.
  • Someone screaming, “I really want milk, I really want milk, I really want milk” for what seemed like an hour.
  • Someone crawling under my running car to retrieve her tiny little toy pieces she dropped.
  • Someone stealing my pumpkin doughnut and leaving me the gross chocolate munchkin.
  • And 500 rounds of Monkey-monkey-fo-funky-banana-fanna-fo-funky, me-my-mo-monkey, Monkey.

Jessica and I made it down and back unscathed!

Saturday was spent relaxing, shopping, and playing at the park and Sunday we hit the Central Park Zoo and I took Ellie Grace on a horse and carriage ride.

It was a great weekend and I’m so happy we finally made it down…BUT I must say… I’m extremely thankful that my Dad and Alice are always so willing to be the ones to make the ten-hour drive here to see us!


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