Easy beach waves…

While I realize that summer is over….I personally think wearing your hair in beach waves looks great in any season.  A couple years ago, by mistake really, I stumbled upon an easy way to get some good beach waves in my hair and wanted to share.

So first here is how it happened;  I went out for a run with my hair in little side ponytail buns. When I came back home and took my hair down, like magic, there they were!  Since then, when I need to make my hair look half way decent on the fly here is what I do.

Wash or wet my hair and brush it out….(I know it’s bad to brush wet hair but I do it all the time)

OI Milk, OI Oil and Dove hair spray are my go-to’s.

I love OI products, they smell amazing and make my hair really soft.  I use OI Milk spray first and I spray it in my wet hair, then grab my blowdryer and finger dry my hair until it’s about 3/4 of the way dry.

From here I take two ponytail holders and twist my hair into two little side buns…like this.

I realize at this point it looks a bit crazy, but the results are good so stay with me here.

Next if I’m in a hurry I’ll grab the blowdryer and dry the little buns, if I’m not I just let them air dry.  Once the little buns feel almost dry, I take them out, work a tiny bit of OI Oil  in for softness and spray the ends with hairspray.

Here is the end result.


Try it!


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