Cool clicks

This week I stumbled upon the website POLYVORE and I can tell you, I’m OBSESSED!!! What’s great is you cannot only search clothes, beauty products, and things for your home like furniture and bedding. You can filter down your search into color, brands, and stores.
The other thing you can do with POLYVORE is a style board, like this one here!  Which will allow you to create a look and then save it.  I can see myself using these for not only looking at clothes and put together wish lists but to put together outfits with pieces I have.  It also allows you to take a picture of something yourself and add it in.
This is the first board I created and I now just need to figure out how to save it without making it a blog post….
Untitled #1
My favorite part is the Bieber shirt and Almost Famous Hat!

Anyway, for any of you that love clothes, makeup, and house stuff or want to screw around creating cool boards in the spare time you have (LOL), check out Polyvore!


Topshop vintage style t shirt
$32 –

Converse star shoes
$67 –

Tahitian pearl jewelry

Nasaseasons embroidery cap
$67 –

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