Quick weekend in Vermont

Saturday morning Coxy and I headed up to Killington, Vermont to spend time with friends for the weekend.  Although it was a just a quick weekend trip, we took our time getting up there which was really nice. Even making time for a nice long and extremely overdue visit with my Grandfather on the way.  It’s crazy how busy the past few months have been and it was great to just chill out and not rush. We stopped in Keene for lunch and probably the best Italian sub I think I have ever had in my life from a place called Jersey Mike’s and afternoon lattes from the cutest little place called Sunup bakery right down the road from our hotel.

Killington Mountain Resort where we were staying happened to be hosting a craft brew festival on Saturday afternoon, which featured about 40 or so breweries and 120 regional beers.  The offerings were broad and ranged from multiple flavors of ciders to double IPA’s, but for me the weekend was all about anything flavored with pumpkin! I mean hey, I’m in Vermont, on a cold and misty day surrounded by the beauty of peak foliage and everything about that screamed fall and to me fall is all about pumpkin.


Ten beer tickets later, I had tried four different pumpkin beers and threw in a cranberry cider to mix it up and for good measure.  The other five tickets I had left went straight to my old standby:


The rest of our Saturday and hell most of Sunday was spent eating a lot of food, drinking a lot of Bud Lite and sitting by a fire place watching football and spending time with our friends.

Like most weekends, it was over to quickly and today it’s back to reality.




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