Pumpkins with my pumpkin

Today we picked up Ellie Grace from “school”, (aka: day care) where it is was Crazy Hair Day…here is a glimpse of the adorable hair she was rocking.  Our afternoon goal…pumpkins!

As soon as we got her we headed straight for Lull Farm in Hollis, NH. They always have an abundant selection of pumpkins, great fruits, veggies, and some “special treats”….like cookies.  Ellie had her own ideas on how many pumpkins we would be getting and she laid out her plan on the 2o minute ride over.  Pito, (aka: Coxy) gets a big orange one, Monkey (aka: Me) gets a little white one. When we got there I quickly scored us a wagon and let the kid go to work!  She was very thoughtful and made sure we all had a pumpkin and better yet in basically every color they had. She even remembered to get our two dogs, Maddie and Murphy one, along with herself, of course and little sister Ruby Dot. Who by the way we left at daycare (worst Grandparents ever)



A big bag of apples, chocolate chip cookie for you know who, and 8 or so pumpkins ranging in size and color later we are back in the car heading home.

This afternoon made me realize a couple things;

  • Life moves fast…even faster than I think I realized.  It seems to me like it was only a few years ago I was taking Jess to get pumpkins at Lull Farm and now here I am taking her daughter.  Sometimes life seems to move so slowly and we wish for certain events or milestones to come quickly, but I don’t think that many of us, me included truly understand how damn fast it is going.
  • I did a good job raising Jess.  There were many times when I felt like a less than adequate mother when she was growing up but I think you have to really look at the end result, the child as an adult.  She is loving, smart, funny, driven, and knows what she likes, how she likes it….and most important raising her daughter to be the same way, which makes me very happy.  Today, listening to Ellie Grace lay out her pumpkin plan, then seeing her determination and execution, I felt like damn, I did good job and I have not thought that more than a handful of times in my life.

So today’s takeaways are to be in the moment, cherish the time you have and don’t wish it away, even if something cool you are doing is coming up.  And, my style of “mothering” was not all questionable, I raised a great kid who is raising a great kid.


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