flannel & leopard

With fall in full swing I decided that I needed a new flannel shirt.  I have a few of them already, okay I have like 5 of them… but I wanted one without red in it because to me wearing a flannel shirt with red in it before Thanksgiving makes me feel “Christmassy” and some days I’m not really quite ready to start feeling that way.

So off I went to JCrew and found this super soft shirt in the men’s section with just the colors that I was looking for!


I was pretty psyched that I found a shirt without red in it, but just as I was about to head to the register and pay, I swear out of the corner of my eye I spotted a glimpse of leopard.  Now given my current leopard obsession and the fact that Vogue says leopard is fall’s most powerful trend; there was no way I was leaving without taking a look.  Okay, who am I kidding here, I admit I had no idea leopard was fall’s “most powerful trend”, until I googled it…I’m just currently obsessed with it and in all seriousness I thought I was a day late and a dollar short on the leopard trend but hey apparently I’m not!

What I ended up seeing out of the corner of my eye were these!

They fit like a glove!

A couple days later I wore my new flannel shirt and my leopard flats together and I got to admit…I love this combination!  I’m not sure if others feel the same but hey next time you reach for a flannel shirt, try throwing on something leopard and see what you think.


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