busy fall weekend

What a weekend….and it’s not even over yet! I still have to run 5 miles with Jessica, make a new Mac & Cheese Chili recipe, which I’m super pumped about, get a little hike in with my pups, and watch the Patriots!

Thankfully I’m finally over my cold and after a crazy work week squeaking in a hike up South Pack to view the amazing foliage and delicious pumpkin latte from Union Coffee was just what I needed to wrap up my Friday!

Marion Davis Trail

On Saturday morning I woke up super early drove up to Claremont to bring my Grandfather coffee and have breakfast with him. On my drive up I stopped to take this gorgeous picture. It was so peaceful that I sat on the side of the road just watching the fog coming off the lake for about fifteen minutes. And, I literally could have sat there for hours if I had time. Note to self…make more time to do stuff like this and not worry you will be half hour late…you are always late anyway, what is another half hour?


On my way back home I met up with one of my oldest and dearest friends Chrissy for a run. Thankfully she didn’t care that I was slow as hell and had to stop to cough like ten times. I love that after 30 years we are not only still friends but also share the love of running oh and lattes!

Speaking of latte’s I cannot even begin to describe how heavenly this mocha was. When you order a mocha at LA Burdick you choose dark, milk or even white chocolate. The milk option was everything I knew it would be; so rich sweet and creamy, all I can say is Thank God I don’t live in Walpole because I would easily gain 20 plus pounds drinking this on a daily basis.

One last pic of this deliciousness…the little box is for Ellie Grace…she told me last week she loves “Special Treats made of Chocolate” so how could I not pick this up for her. (T here is a tiny milk chocolate mouse inside)

To wrap up the day Coxy and I headed over to Manchester and on a whim were able to hook up for a late dinner with Gary and Kristi at The Foundry. The Foundry is the largest certified farm to table restaurant in New Hampshire, they have a huge bar with quite a few local beers on tap, which is great for Coxy and the dining room is filled with wood and steel with large comfy leather seating and huge wine cellar! We had some awesome steaks with fall sides like pureed sweet potatoes and brussel spouts, I’m so pissed I forgot to take a pic because the dishes were pic worthy for sure! If you are in Manchester, hit The Foundry and get the rib eye, it was simply out of this world!

We wrapped the night up telling hilarious past relationship stories around this gorgeous fire pit table under one of the most magnificent trees I have seen!

Off to take on Sunday!


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