getting back on track…

This morning as Cheryl and I were out for a lesiurley Saturday morning run I came to the realization that not having anything on my race calendar is very bad for me. Okay, wait…I am running the Hallo-Weiner Hustle next weekend, but I don’t think you would consider eating a hotdog, drinking a beer, then running 1 mile something to really “train for”.

I’m talking about a legitimate race.

While I admit I like the pressure free feeling of not “having” to run, I know it’s not good for my brain or my butt!  For the past two weeks I have been a complete slacker, blowing off runs to sleep in or even worse to sit on the couch and do nothing.

This shit stopped this morning!

Additionally, I have put together a list of goals to force me to get my shit together:

  1. Sign up for winter track.
  2. Sign up for the Shamrock Shuffle half marathon, March 25th.
  3. Cross training.
  4. Hit up an MRTT group run once a week.
  5. Run the 193 miles I have left this year to hit 750 total miles for 2016.

I also found a great list on, which explains how to come back, the right way.  Here is the link if you happen to be in the same boat I’m in.  I have my calendar put together for the next month and I’m committed!

Lastly, rely on my running friends.  I am lucky enough to have a great tribe of girls around me and they have not only got me through the longest runs of my life, but also with the fastest times.

Here are pics from some of the best runs of the last year and my 5K PR that I totally plan on beating next year for my 50th.

What other tips can you give me about coming back and finishing the year strong?




One thought

  1. Love you girl! I have missed our runs together. I will help you reach your goals any way I can. You have brought me so much support over the last year. Best thing that has happened to me is meeting you.

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