my wardrobe of color…

While folding laundry last week I looked at the pile after and was like, wait…really?  There is not one color other than grey, brown tan, olive, and black here.  No bold colors, hell not even a red.  I literally took a pic of the pile anticipating a post.  I’m lucky there are a few patterns here, but damn….this just looks boring.


Don’t get me wrong, I love bold colors, I am just not a fan of wearing them unless I’m out for a run, which makes no sense. And, if you have followed the blog at all you know I’m constantly questioning what is appropriate as I age and wondering “Can I pull this off”  Not that I ever loved wearing bold colors but I now have in my head for some reason now that wearing vibrant colors are not for a woman almost 50.

But wait….maybe I don’t “really” feel this way…

What I found when going through some photos is I have 2 totally different styles in relation to print and color…my everyday bland, minimal print style that I wear all the time and my running style.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Everyday outfits:  I ONLY buy bland colors.  You will not catch me wearing a bright pink or purple sweater EVER.


Running outfits:  Bring on the BOLD and CRAZY…The brighter the better!  I remember telling one of my friends one time that I felt like an Easter egg!

I find this totally hilarious!

How do you feel about this?  What colors do you feel great in and how do you pull off bright colors and crazy patterns?



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