what the hell have I been doing?

Not writing blog posts, that’s for damn sure!

Between work, school, and running (yes, running…Thankfully I’m pretty much back and feeling great…knock on wood)  I have been seriously out straight!  Plus throw in a couple little projects at home I got going on and there is no time for blogging.

Last week I found out Jess, Bryce, and the girls would be here for about three weeks while they wait to close on a new house they bought, which is only 3 houses up from my house and has a pool! However, knowing I have just a few more weeks until that happens, it has really prompted me to get organized a bit and finish a couple of projects that I have been putting off.

This week I pulled a little DIY and chalk painted a bench that was about to go to the dump! It pretty much fits perfectly in my entry way now and I’m totally psyched I did not ditch it.  Painting it was super easy too!  I used CeCe Caldwell chalk paint and the Bexley Coal color and it actually only took one coat to cover the old ugly and faded orange color.  Chalk paint is extremely user friendly and covers any surface, without sanding! Normally you would go over this with wax but I didn’t for time purposes, plus I figure when I’m less under the gun to finish things I can always do it later.


Here it is finished in my mud room area…

Take a peek at the next project I have going called, “Operation Pink Crib”, which by the way, I have been putting off for six months!  Again using CeCe Caldwell chalk paint and this color is Pink Lady’s Slipper, so far it looks a bit like Pepto but I think in the end once I finish the room it will look great!

My goal is to have the girl’s entire room completed by Sunday and I’ll do a before and after then.

TGIF, cause I need a weekend BAD!!!


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