Guest Post…tis the season…by Christine W.

This post comes to you from my friend Christine, she and I have been friends since we were 14 years old and completely wild!  This week she sent me a text with the pics below and I was so obsessed with her planter not only am I making my own on Friday I had to make sure we shared it!

I love decorating for Christmas, LOVE IT!  The lights, the tree, the music, all of it.  What I don’t love is seeing or hearing any of it before November 25th.  I have Christmas stations all programmed and ready to go in my car, but not until FRIDAY!!  Something else I have been working on are a few planters and window boxes with greenery and berries.  I love to use what is available in my own backyard and neighborhood (and, the best part, it’s free). Let me show you how I did this year’s planters.

First, I spend a little time collecting all the items.  Hemlock and Pine trees grow right in my backyard so with some garden sheers I cut plenty of boughs.


I already had the Winterberry and am just reusing it from a rustic jug I had out with my fall decor.


I removed the dying Mums that were in my planters and just pushed in the greenery into the dirt.  What’s nice about this is the damp dirt will freeze and secure all of the greens in place.  Filling the planters actually went pretty quickly, once they are full to your linking, add the Winterberry.


This year I also added some twigs, again from my backyard that I gathered and just spray painted white.  I think they look great and give the planters that little something extra!


So, this weekend take a few minutes to look around your yard or neighborhood.  You might be supposed to find cool things growing right outside your window!

Send a pic of your planter or project using what you found!!!

Happy Holidays,


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