little black boots…

Okay, so I recently realized that I will more than likely never need to buy another pair of black boots in my lifetime. In fact I’m not quite sure how I  ended up with all of these boots.  Although, if you read my wardrobe of color…post you would know I love black…and as hard as it is to believe, I do love and wear every pair of them.


As far as I’m concerned black boots are a classic wardrobe staple, literally comparable to the white t-shirt. They are a must have and are so versatile you wear them with everything from a dress or cute skirt, to leggings, suit pants and of course jeans.  Furthermore, in my opinion there is no need to wait until cool weather to pull them out, I wear mine year round!

Oh and if you are reading this and happen to be under age 30, Moto boots look awesome in the summer with a super cute pair of cut off jeans…oh how I wish I was under 30… I would rock the shit out of this look!


You know what; screw it…I don’t care if I can pull this look off at almost 5o or not, I’m so completely obsessed with boots and cut offs that this IS going to be my GO TO for summer 2017!   Here are a few other ideas on how to pair boots.

My Favorite Way To Wear Black Boots
What’s your favorite way to wear black boots?

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