denim: it don’t lie…

and it wasn’t until I was running with a friend of mine who works from home too, that the revelation came.

As we ran that day we joked about how easy it was to just throw on yoga pants and a t-shirt, jump on your computer and start the day. However, our conversation got me thinking and I’m telling you…yoga pants should not be worn daily!

I get they are a staple in most women’s wardrobe, including mine. And, while extremely versatile, amazingly comfortable and most of the time make your ass look great they can also be very deceiving; by hiding 5 pounds or so that you may not even realize you have put on in the first place.

My general rule is wear jeans twice a week, NO MATTER WHAT, because like the title says, demin: it don’t lie. If you have put on a few pounds you can bet your butt that your jeans will let you know it!


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