for the love of…coffee

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you, I freaking LOVE coffee!  I am completely down right obsessed and cannot live without it.  Well, okay and can live and breathe and stuff, but I’ll have a horrendous raging headache and could potentially “go all Mary” for just about any reason if I don’t have it.  (What is go all Mary?…that’s another post) I also love even more that coffee helped me have an Ah ha moment about my life.

Yesterday morning after yet another night with no sleep (why? dogs hogging my bed, menopause, Coxy snoring, stress…who knows) I stumbled downstairs and hit the button of the Mr. Coffee and as the tiny drops hit the pot they were all sparkly and made little crackling noises. I tell you it was mesmerizing, I could not stop watching it and even made a video which admittedly I may have watched at least 10 times already.  The whole thing was quite wonderful for me and for some reason it made me think about lightning bugs.  Magical little lightening bugs, and how as a kid I would lay on the soft grass at night watching them as flew around and flashed above me, and how much joy it brought me.  I mean I was literally leaning against my counter watching this exhausted, but smiling, happy and truly content.  What also struck me is how now as an adult those little sparkling drops and the crackling of the coffee hitting the pot were as glorious and magical to me as lightning bugs were so many years ago…adulting at it’s finest.


What it also got me thinking about is how sad it is that as adults we often allow life to go by and not realize how much of the little things that once brought us joy we don’t do anymore.  How many simple things that once made us happy,  like watching the lightning bugs we don’t take the time to do. I mean let’s face it there is still soft grass and warm nights which are fast approaching.

So for me, I’m trying not to take little things for granted. This summer I’m going to vow to lay the soft grass, with two little girls I know and introduce them to the art of lightning bug watching.  And, I am going to soak in all their magic…just like the coffee slowly soaking into my veins yesterday morning.

❤ Heather

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